Napkins Tablecloth KRINOS.

KRINOS has been operating since 1999 and has been producing printing and marketing of napkins and a paper tablecloth.

Its headquarters are in 9 km of Thessaloniki, Oreokastro (2000m of storage space).

On our premises we produce and print restaurant towels 1 ply. in the following dimensions: 24x24 - 24x28 - 28x28 as well as luxury napkins 1 ply, 2 ply in the following dimensions: 24 × 24 - 33 × 33- 40 × 40, paper napkins in a wide variety of colors. It is possible to produce 33 × 33 and 40 × 40 napkins folded to 1/8 and a folder.

Also a paper tablecloth is printed in dimensions 100X100 and 100X130 and white and Kraft folded in a box.

The company's ability to produce both a tough and soft (TISSUE) paper towel by importing raw material from Europe's major papermakers and printing in a short time (10 days of first order delivery) makes it one of the most flexible and effective on the Greek market.

Over the last eight years (2011-2019), our company specializes in new paper towel production and printing technologies. The trust of our associates pushes us to seek new products, pioneering the Greek market for our better customer service.

We serve wholesalers dealing with, café, bar, restaurant, hotels, fast food, catering, catering centers. HO.RE.CA.